Tofu Nuggets
Tofu Nuggets
Tofu Nuggets
Tofu Nuggets

Tofu Nuggets

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Hodo Tofu Nuggets are flavorful and fragrant morsels of braised tofu puffs and are available in two exciting Asian-inspired flavors. We hand cut Hodo firm tofu into cubes, fry, and then slow braise in Asian-inspired broths, making each bite burst with exciting flavors. Hodo Tofu Nuggets are juicy and tasty, and have a chewy texture. Hodo Tofu Nuggets are ready-to-eat. Enjoy the Nuggets straight, on a salad, as a sandwich filling or as a stir-fry or noodle-dish ingredient.

Hodo Five-Spice Tofu Nuggets are braised in an organic apple cider with an Asian five-spice blend, which infuses the tofu with aromatic spices. The chewy nuggets are savory with a hint of smoky sweetness.
Hodo Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets are braised in an aromatic curry of lemongrass and warm, exotic spices. Bold tasting with subtle hints of spices, citrus and a little heat, the Thai Curry Nuggets give a wonderful flavor explosion in your mouth.

  • Price: $32.94  for pack of 6 ($5.49 each X 6 pack)
  • Content: 6 packs of individually sealed 8-oz units
  • Buying Choices: Variety pack (3 units Five Spice, 3 units Thai Curry); Five Spice (6 units); Thai Curry (6 units)
  • Shelf-life: 60 days min from shipping
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated 35-41F.  Can be frozen.
  • Shipping: Please note. Your order will ship on the following week's Tuesday after receiving we receive your order.  
  • CCOF-Certified Organic, Made with US-grown Non-GMO Soybeans, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan
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