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Yuba Noodles

Yuba Noodles

$ 41.94

Hodo Yuba Noodles are a delectable meal of hand-cut tofu strips. To make our delicious seasoned yuba dishes, Hodo Yuba Noodles, we first marinate our yuba, and then sear to bring out its amazing natural flavors. We then hand cut the yuba into ribbons and glaze them with our signature house-made dressings. Reminiscent of the toothsome texture of fresh pasta, the Yuba Noodles come in two exciting Asian-inspired flavors. Hodo Yuba Noodles are great eaten cold or hot. Enjoy the strips straight, on a salad, as a sandwich filling or as a stir-fry or pasta ingredient.
Hodo Spicy Yuba Noodles are tossed with our spicy teriyaki sauce, which packs a kick and lots of umami.
Hodo Sesame Noodles are glazed with a savory, creamy and luscious tahini dressing, which is delightfully rich with fruity and nutty undertones.

Price: $41.94  ($6.99 each X 6 pack)
CCOF-Certified Organic, Made with US-grown Non-GMO Soybeans, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan
Content: 6 packs of 8 oz units
Buying Choices: Variety pack (3 units Sesame, 3 units Spicy); Sesame (6 units); Spicy (6 units)
Shelf-life: 60 days min from shipping
Storage: Keep refrigerated 35-41F.  Can be frozen.

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Nutritional  : Sesame Spicy

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